Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I'm glad I don't live in the snow...

I love the snow, you can go skiing. If there is ice you can play hockey, if you have an intertube you can go tubing.  There are a great many things you can do in the snow.

Living in a snowy area that has hills and ice and other horrible things however is terrible.

Case in point:

This picturesque video of a snowy Pittsburgh street.

These poor poor people wrecking their cars on black ice.  I hope they all have insurance and can get reimbursed for their "accidents"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Check out what I have been working on

So I have been working for make-up company L'Oreal Paris doing videos on how to prepare yourself for a red carpet moment.

L'Oreal brought 5 women to their Academy to learn tips and tricks in a variety of areas.  Below are the videos that I edited for the project.

A little background info.  Lisa is a a mother of 4 who lives in Hawaii, her husband is retiring and her red carpet moment is her husband's retirement ceremony.

I would recommend watching the videos in full screen mode, the blog doesn't allow for very big videos.

Lisa's Home Follow

Half Up Look

How to do natural looking skin

How to do Lashes

How to give a Toast

Lisa's Red Carpet Outfit

If you want to watch the other videos or see the L'Oreal Paris Academy's website click below.

Click here to go take part in the L'Oreal Paris Academy