Tuesday, December 7, 2010

24 Fan Appreciation - World Record Viewing

So as many of you know I am an avid 24 fan.  I am still an ardent supporter that believes 24 is one of the most addictive shows ever.

Yes there were good seasons and bad seasons, but the series as a whole was one of the best crafted television series ever.

Recently a group of Fans and the creators of 24 put together a viewing party to break the continuous television viewing world record.

With 100 viewers to start they watched the entire series of 24 all 86 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds of it.

If I didn't have a job I would have been all over this, give me a 24 pack of red bull, and a comfy couch and I would have joined the 3 other world record holders as having watched the entire series in one viewing.

Below is a video recap of the marathon.

If they every do this again I would totally participate.

Tee Fury has a crazy sale going on

Tee Fury one of the best custom T-shirt sites today is having a super awesome Sale today.

For $5 you get a random shirt from the last 3 months.

The random part kinda stinks but you can't beat a $5 custom t-shirt.  Take a look at the gallery and see if there are any that peek your interest.

Tee Fury

Once again the Deal is only until the end of the day.

Here are some of my favorite desgins...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Awesome Shirt of the Day: Sonic needs some Cash

I'm a sucker for an awesome video game t-shirt and this one is no exception.

I submit to you this piece of Gold from Tee Fury.  It looks like Sonic has fallen on hard times and has to sell all of the rings he has worked so hard to collect.

The shirt is a whopping $9 + shipping, to buy go to TeeFury.com

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Rise, Fall, and Return of Jonathan Cheechoo

Growing up I was like most kids I liked sports but my interest would constantly be changing.  As most of you know my favorite sports team is the San Jose Sharks.  When I was a younger I would love watching the Sharks but I didn't really know any of the players names or what hockey really was.  To me it was just something fun to watch and it was special but I wasn't a real "fan" yet.

My fandom for the Sharks didn't truly form until Jonathan Cheechoo arrived and changed everything. Cheechoo was one of the first pure goal scorers the Sharks had ever had and he played with an exuberance and excitement that made the game better to watch as well as to cheer for.  Cheechoo was fan favorite and would probably be on my favorite all time list of Sharks players.

The videos below give a glimpse into what Jonathan has been up to since his Rocket Richard trophy winning season.  I know that it is unlikely to happen but seen Cheechoo back with San Jose would be great.

Cheech we hope to see you soon.

click Full Screen to get a bigger image

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hockey Preview - Sharks vs Blackhawks

So this time last year I was driving north to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  I was happy to be going back to the Bay Area but I was unhappy because I wasn't watching the Sharks play the Blackhawks.  Well, some may argue it was good that I didn't watch the game because the Blackhawks destroyed the Sharks to a final score of 7 - 2.

Needless to say, it is Turkey time again, once again I am driving North, and once again the Sharks are playing the Blackhawks.  If history repeats itself I am not going to be very thankful this evening.

The Sharks have been plagued by inconsistency all season, and it seems the only time we can truly win is if we score at least 5 goals.  The game tonight is going to be tough but like our last game against the Kings it is going to serve as a test for how the Sharks compare to a strong team in the Western Conference.

All I am going to ask for is a good game from the Sharks with a strong 60 minutes of hockey.  If they can play to their skill set we should get the 2 points and hopefully renewed confidence.

So to all you readers out there, may we all give thanks their is Hockey today, and pray that our Tiburones from silicon valley can beat down those dark birds from the windy city.

 Remember keep your head up,

and if you are traveling may you travel safe.

Cool Stuff of the Day - It's the Frakkin' Muppets

As many of you know I am a fan of funny/ creative/ unique T-shirts.  I have a few sites that steadily provide a number of very cool shirts to buy.

Today on Tee Fury, they have combined two of the greatest things ever...

Battlestar Galatica and the Muppets.

For a whopping $9 + shipping you can have this awesome shirt.  Keep in mind this deal is only good for today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Netflix finally offering Instant Watch only plan

Well it makes sense that a company that has "net" in the title would finally begin to offer a "internet streaming" only plan.  This new announcement is a great thing moving foward for digital media and the masses ability to watch TV shows and movie over the internet or on their digital player.

The "Instant Watch only" plan is at a low price of $7.99 which is at the same price point as Hulu plus.  If there was ever a reason to cut the cable cord and go purely through the internet now is the time.  Hulu plus has all of the most recent shows the day after they premiere on TV and Netflix has the movies and some TV shows.

The downside of cutting the cord now unfortunately is there really isn't a viable Sports viewing service that covers all live sports.  ESPN3 is good but it only covers sports that ESPN covers plus whether you are eligible to watch or use the service is predicated on your internet provider.  I have Uverse so it works for me, but those with Time Warner have problems viewing ESPN3.  And in some instances you have to have actual Television service and internet service to use ESPN3 which somewhat defeats the purpose of using ESPN3 in the first place.

Getting back to the point of this blog post...

Netflix is now offering Instant Watch only plan; this is big news and hopefully is the first step in the much bigger plan of having a primary digital watching service that no longer relies on mail but on the Net.

Below is the announcement from Netflix about the addition of this new plan.


You'll also note that all other plans are featuring an increase in price.  It is my guess that Netflix has two plans in doing this.

1.) Since most members of the netflix community still watch DVDs they need additional capital to allow for further growth in the instant watch market while still allowing their great mail service.

2.) They are hoping members start to drop the DVD plans and switch digitally thus saving money on shipping facilities, employees, and mailing fees allowing more capital to be re-allocated to streaming.

Do you see the pattern and where Netflix is headed?  I don't know about all of you but I am excited.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad Movie Night - Help me Pick a bad movie

I attend a semi weekly Bad Movie Night with some of my co-workers.  We eat pizza, drink beer, and watch "Bad" movies.  The movies we typically watch are so bad they are good.  

Each time we get together a new person gets to pick a bad movie.  My first pick was suggested to me buy my wife, it was a cinematic classic known as Chopping Mall.

I have a while before I get to pick again but I am taking any suggestions.  If you know of any bad movies that we must watch please let me know.  My pick for now is the Sly Stallone classic "Judge Dredd".

The following are other picks that have been made thus far:

Black Dynamite

Deathstalker II

88 Minutes

Chopping Mall

Garbage Pail Kids

The Room

The Wraith

Best of the Best 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Preview

So tonight I'm going to be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the 2nd to last HP movie.  As a series of movies, each Harry Potter film has built on its' predecessor and each film has gotten better as the series has progressed.

The lady and I started a HP marathon last Sunday, going back and watching all 6 movies before the premiere tonight.  Sunday, we watched HP1 &2; Monday, HP 3; Tuesday, HP4; Thursday HP5; and Today we are watching HP6 right before leaving to see what I am thinking is going to be the best Harry Potter film to date.

Deathly Hallows has a scope that dwarfs everything we have seen so far.  No longer confined at Hogwarts Harry and his band of wizarding friends take off on a journey looking for the horcruxes Tom Riddle has spread across the world.

Being that this is only going to be Part 1 of book seven; it is going to be very interesting to see how this film will end.  I expect a cliffhanger of sorts, similar to a season finale for a great TV show.  There will be enough action in this movie but it all is for the setup/ payoff of the final ultimate battle in Part 2.

I will be writing a review, hopefully Spoiler free, sometime this weekend letting everyone know what I thought of the penultimate movie in this great series.

Incase you haven't seen it, below is the trailer for Part 1.

Click Fullscreen to watch in wonderful HD

"Your Highness" is going to be the most amazing movie of 2011

It is very rare that I say a movie is going to be the best thing ever just from watching the trailer.

"Your Highness" is one of those movies and it is going to be awesome.  This movie has everything: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Tension, Epic Music, Drugs, Sex, and Natalie Portman taking her clothes off.

I submit to you my most anticipated movie of 2011, "Your Highness"

* Please be aware if you are a child or sensitive to adult language you shouldn't watch the red band trailer below.


(click on full screen to see the trailer in full HD awesomeness)

Friday, September 10, 2010

The NHL has no idea how to market their products or Brand

As many of you all know I love hockey.

I know that Hockey is not for everyone but  it seems like the NHL is trying to reinforce that fact with a recent crop up of horrible conceived Team Merchandise that can only described as douchetastic.

(Images are of Sharks merchandise- Items can be purchased with other teams as well)

Evidence # 1:  NHL Fan Ink sleeve

This piece of wonderment let's any Hockey fan know not only the team you love but you are dumb enough to get a sleeve of ink to show your love for said team.    But what makes it that much better is it has all the charm of a real tattoo without any of the time constraints of being permanent.  So if the season starts and you are super optimistic at the chances of your team to win the cup you can put it on and as soon as your fair-weather feelings go away you can take it off.

I am not against Sports teams tattoos I just think a real fan would never wear this.  They would get an actual tattoo and then laugh at the idiots who put this on and think it looks cool.

Evidence #2:

Behold the Champagne Women's Jersey.  Notice the rhinestones and glitter that adorn this ultimate piece of female expression.  I don't have very many female readers but if any of you think this looks nice or that you would actually wear it in public please let me know.  Cause I just don't get it.

The only explanation for either one of these terrible products is the NHL desperately trying to reach out to mainstream america anyway possible.  I would be surprised if either one of these items sells well at all and if I go to a hockey game and see either one of these...I am going to  cry for those people, especially if they are Sharks fans.

Let me know if you've seen other bad sports clothing/ accessories you can buy.  I think these two take the cake though.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Justin Beiber says Watch the Challenge Cutthroat

As many of you know I am working on the current season of the Challenge.

This season is entitled "The Challenge: Cutthroat"

The video below is the first of many promos that I will be posting to help spread the word to watch the show.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

VOD - Dora the Explorer in - "Incepcion"

I have yet to see the new Chris Nolan film "Inception" but I am planning on seeing it and all of its' visual splendor very soon.

Here is a pretty funny video I found combining two very unlikely things.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

T-shirt of the Day - Kiss Troopers

As many of you know I love cool graphic tee's.

The great folks at RipT Apparel have any awesome Shirt of the Day.

If you like Star Wars or the band Kiss this is a must buy and it is only $10.  Supplies are limited and you only have until Midnight Tonight to buy it.

If you don't like Star Wars or Kiss but you know someone that does this is an excellent Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just because present.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fail of the Day - How not to take Wedding Pictures

Well it is the month of July and while it might be gloomy outside (at least in Southern California), this is a very popular time of the year to get married.

What is one of the most important things to have at a Wedding?

If you guessed pictures that you can look at in 50 years to remember what is hopefully one of the best days of your life, then you are a smart person and 100% correct.

(Other answers are correct too, but for the sake of this blogpost we are saying the photos are #1)

So when watching this video, which I will preface as not knowing if it is real or fake, I was very worried for this would be happy couple.

I don't know what was worse, the fact that the guy fell in the fountain or that no one else seeing the photographer back up didn't try and warn him before he ruined two of his very expensive looking cameras.

Either way it is a fail

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super Awesome T-Shirt - TRON Lightcycle Accident

Tron is a great movie. With the sequel finally coming out in December, the anticipation for this cult Fan Favorite is growing every day.

RipT is currently selling a Super Awesome Tron Shirt for $10. If you like Tron or at the least cool graphic t-shirts this is a must have.

Click the link to purchase...


Super Awesome Video of the Day - Double Rainbow Guy

There are some amazing things that exist in nature. A Double Rainbow is one of those things.

The following video is one man's reaction to seeing a Double Rainbow. I'm guessing he is high on something... that is the only thing that could explain everything this guy is experiencing.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Super Awesome Trailer - "Let Me In" International Trailer

It it pretty rare that someone shows me a movie that I haven't heard very much about and I end up liking.  "Let the Right One In" is one of those movies.  My very nice friend Elysia brought this cinematic classic over to watch one night and I instantly added it to one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

Without giving too much away, the movie has a Vampire in it.  With the influx of Twilight and True Blood it is easy to say that the new fad is Vampires.  "Let the Right One in" does not feel like a fad movie it feels like an original story with a fresh perspective on the Vampire tale.  Another thing that sets "Let the Right One in" apart is the fact that it is a foreign film from Sweden.


When I found out that the American Studios wanted to bring the  movie to our neck of the woods, I became very nervous.  There is very few times that a remake of a foreign film is truly on par or better then the original.  The only time I have been modestly pleased with a remake is with "the Ring."  And that wasn't even that great it was just creepy.

With that being said, having watched the International Trailer for "Let Me In", my fear have been appeased.


If you have yet to see the original you need to add it too your netflix queue.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chalk Another One Up in WTF Column - Selling a Baby at Walmart

Below is a link to a yahoo article that has WTF written all over it.

WTF Article 

A couple in Salinas, CA attempted to sell their 6 month old outside of a Walmart for $25.


The article goes on to say that the couple was high on Meth.  My guess is they were out of money and needed more drugs but seriously $25 for a baby.

seriously WTF

I'm just happy that this couple got arrested and their baby got taken away from them.  Here is hoping that the baby ends up with a good family not a bunch of drug addicts.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is wrong with this Picture?

I recently received an e-mail from the NHL with this picture in it.

Do you see anything wrong with the image?  I see at least 2 problems with this image.

Please leave a comment with what you think is wrong.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trailer Premiere - The Green Hornet

I've never watched the Green Hornet and I don't know much about it either.

But after watching this trailer I'm getting pretty amped for this movie.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Invention of the Day - Anti Rape Condom

I've always said one of the worst thing in the world is rape.

Now women have a pretty good defense against any would be attackers.

A South African doctor has created a new condom for females that has teeth on the inside of it. If an attacker attempts to rape the woman with the new condom they will be surprised with Teeth in their nether region.

The best part of the article is the fact that their is a trial period going on to test the new condom. I want to know how the hell you do a trial test on a product like this. I'm hoping they aren't doing human testing cause I don't know anyone that would volunteer for that test.

Check out the article it is worth reading


Super Awesome Video of the Day - Drunk attempts to be a Good Ole Boy in the General Lee

Here is your Super Awesome Video of the Day...

This great video features a drunk drive in Dallas, TX. I don't know what this person was thinking when they were doing this but, I'm guessing they thought it was pretty cool when they were mid air for a few seconds...

I hope no one got too injured from a flying car...


Friday, June 18, 2010

Star Wars Appreciation - Launch Date for Star Tours II - Pod Racers

So if you are a fan of Star Wars, been to Disneyland or Disneyworld...

you most likely have been on Star Tours. One of the first motion simulator rides in the world, designed by George Lucas, Star Tours takes you into the movie as you do the Deathstar Trench run and you help the rebel alliance blow up the Empire's evil base of planetoid destruction.

There is one thing I never quite understood about Star Tours. For starters how/ why does a civilian transport ship have missiles and lasers attached that are able to destroy the most powerful ship in the galaxy. This always seemed illogical to me but then again Star Tours is in a Galaxy far far away...

That being said, I always liked this great ride but as time has gone on the ride has started to show its age. Disney in their infite wisdom has decided to update Star Tours for the next generation, similar to what they did to Pirates of the Caribbean by adding Captain Jack Sparrow.

I say similarly but in reality they are giving the attraction a complete overhaul. Instead of flying on the Star Tours express to one of Endors moons you are going to strap into a pod racer and speed around Tatoonie. There are also rumors of the ride adding 3-D to the ride thus allowing for a small "Avatar" everything must be in 3-D boost.

I never really liked the Pod Racer scene from Episode 1 of Star Wars. I don't know if it was because I just hate that movie on a level that cannot be verbalized or if I just didn't think Pod Racing looked cool, but Pod Racing as a ride will work and the new ride should be very succesful.

Disney has announced that the ride will open on the following dates:

May 10th 2011 in Walt Disneyland in Anaheim (current ride closes on September 8th 2010)
May 17th 2011 in Walt Disneyworld in Orlando (current ride closes on July 27th 2010)


The ride isn't only going to be Pod Racing, there is also going to be flying around the Empire's home world of Coruscant...How they are going to transition between planets/ scenes should be pretty interesting...

Here is the trailer for the new ride that released at D23 last year...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Trailer - Another example of unoriginal ideas in Hollywood

Last week marked the return of two great 80's franchises, the A-Team and Karate Kid.

Today, the new teaser trailer for Smurfs was released on yahoo.

I don't remember a whole lot about the Smurfs other then they were blue, there was 1 female, and Gargamel has a cat and wanted to kill the Smurfs.

I am almost 100% sure this is going to be just like Alvin and the Chipmunks/ Garfield movies.  100% horrible.

I really hope this movie tanks and people start getting back to original ideas.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chalk Another One up in the WTF Column... Being a Bad Mother

I haven't had a posting in a while which is a pretty big WTF...

I apologize for my laziness.

I submit for everyone's approval another moment for the WTF column.
I don't have the original video of this, I will look for it... but Daniel Tosh pretty much sums up everything horrible that is going on in this video.

Guess What Happens Next - Bad Mom Strips for Kids
Web Redemption2 Girls, 1 Cup ReactionDemi Moore Picture

If anyone can explain to me why someone would do this I would be surprised.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost - A Look Back...

Well it has been a few hours since the Series Finale of Lost....

(SPOILER ALERT-  If you are reading this I assume you have watched the Finale or you don't care about Lost and just like to read my blog.)

and my initial gut reaction was that I loved it.  There was a very big risk that the show could go out in a forced or unsatisfying way.  I would say this ending whether you liked it or not was the only way for a show like Lost to end.

From its' beginning Lost has built from episode to episode, season to season, to an end.  And as Jacob pointed out in the Season 5 finale,  "It only ends once, everything else is just progress."

Some might have watched the finale and said, "Wait they were dead the whole time."  Their next would reaction was either that is B*#&$#&$ or I knew that from episode 1.  To those people I say go back and rematch the finale, specifically the conversation between Jack and his "dead" father Christian.

Christian makes a big point of saying the time on the island was the most important time of your life.  This pretty plainly points out that they were not dead the whole time.  There could be some interpretation as to when the majority of the casts dies.  Some might argue it was as soon as the nuke went off at the end of Season 5.  I would say the last person we saw die... was Jack... in the forest with his eye closing.

Hurley, Ben, Desmond, and the rest of the survivors who escape on the Ajira plane all died at a later time that we did not/ will not ever see.  That is unless they do a spinoff, which I would add would be horrible.

To those of you who felt frustrated or let down by the ending then I don't think you got the show.  Yes it had overarching themes of good vs evil, science vs faith, and how to build a society in absolute chaos.  But the heart of the show wasn't about that stuff it was about the relationships between the characters.  Yes it would have been nice to get those nice answers to every question.  I'm glad I didn't get all the answers.

The only answer I wanted was where this great characters that I have enjoyed watching and grown to love over 6 seasons were going to end up.  And I got that answer.  The "good" characters all passed on and left their self constructed purgatory to cross over into "Heaven".

The plot of show never changed, it was always about progress.  And it ended once with everyone dying.

As Ben said, "Dead is Dead, there is no coming back from that."  Our beloved characters and now our beloved show have past on.

If anyone would like to post a comment I would love to hear what you guys thought about the finale.  I'm sure not everyone loved it as much as I did but as far as Finales go...

I don't think it gets much better then that.

Here is a funny clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, just as 1 more look back at a great show....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost Appreciation - Jimmy Kimmel Show

ABC is doing a great job with their synergy and spreading the Lost brand all across the network.

Case in point this gem of a video.  I would love to get this game.

Lost Appreciation - fan made video

Well I have had a post in a while, mostly because I have been busy relaxing.

With that being said, this Sunday is going to be a very sad day for me.  One of my favorite shows of all time is leaving us and it is making me almost as sad as the Sharks' playoff performance against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Here is a little video combining two great things, Lost and Kittens.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Chalk Another One Up in the WTF Column - Worst Wedding DJ Ever

First and foremost...

There are good DJs and bad DJs.  Then there is this guy.

I don't know what the hell this guy was thinking.  The thing I think is worse though is the crowd and this wedding.  There are women and children sitting bored while this horribleness is going on all around them.

And lastly WTF is this lady doing letting a sleeze bag hit her repeatedly in her "fun" bags.  From the looks on both of their faces they have gone through this many a times.

If anyone can explain to me WTF any of these people are thinking I would be pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trailer of the Day - Waiting for "Superman"

If there was one thing I know it is that education is important.  I would go so far to say that any sane rational person would agree with that statement.

I was fortunate enough to receive a great education that has brought with it a life that has been pretty great.

Not everyone in this country is as fortunate as I have been.

This movie directed by the same guy who brought us "an Inconvient Truth" follows a group of youngsters who are going through the broken system that is American Schools.

I will be seeing this film when it comes out and I hope you do as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hockey Appreciation- 77,823 fans couldn't be wrong

As many of you know I love hockey.  As far as I am concerned anything that helps the sport of Hockey grow or spread is good.

the IIHF World Championships started up recently...

During one of the preliminary games this picture was taken.

(click on image to make slightly embiggened)

What you are looking at is 77,823 screaming hockey fans enjoying a game in Germany.  To give you an idea of exactly how many people that is when compared to the NHL...It would be like comparing a track meet at your high school to the olympics.

The Chicago Blackhawks, on average have 21,356 in attendance for a home game.

My San Jose Sharks, on average have 17,558 in attendance for a home game.

(all stats courtesy of espn.com )

So this crazy behemoth arena in Germany can fit more then 3 times the number of people then the largest NHL arena.

I know that there are very few NHL teams that would be able to sell out a venue that was this size but it would be pretty amazing to be in there with everyone yelling for the home team.

Another pretty cool thing would be to potentially play the Stanley Cup Finals in a venue like this...it would negate home ice advantage but it would still be insane

Life Observations #002: Don't Do Drugs... or you will end up like this

We all learn as kids that to do drugs is bad.  It is very rare  to see such a great example of this old adage.

Let me present my perfect example of why drugs are bad and why you shouldn't use them.

Lindsey Lohan, a young ginger with origins as a Disney Star.  She had her big break in the Parent Trap where she played twins, something coincidentally she would repeat later in her career.  

For the sake of brevity, Lindsey's career seemed to reach its' peak after Mean Girls came out.  Mean Girls was a hit movie that gave us a brief glimpse at some realistic superstardom in her future.

Unfortunately for Lindsey's career superstardom never happened.  What did happen was massive amounts of drugs, alcohol, and arrests.  

Please admire this visage:

I don't know what made Lindsey take such a drastic turn...but one thing is for sure, Lindsey has officially passed Amy Winehouse on the deathwatch.  When I say deathwatch I mean a few things...

1.) She is going to actually Die
2.) Her career is dead
3.) Her credit and wealth are also dead.

With that all being saying...

Don't Do Drugs...  or you might end up like this.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lessons in Doucheness - Justin Bieber

There is a special place in this world for people who are Douchebags.

one of Urban Dictionary's definitions of Douchebags is:
An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears. 

A Real Life example of a Douchebag is this great clip featuring Justin Bieber.

I don't know what he was thinking or wasn't thinking but I'm pretty sure he fits the "behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears." You would think that when the host hands Bieber the card with the word "German" you would think he could read.

Justin Bieber you are a Douchebag and I hope your little bit of fame goes away soon.

Let this serve as a lesson to the rest of us, if you are in another country do not be racist on television it will end up on the internet where the collective world will all make fun of you...

Monday, May 3, 2010

24 Appreciation

One of my favorite shows of all time is ending very soon...

As I've been doing with Lost every so often...

Here is some cool stuff to sink your teeth into on the last few remaining days the show is on the air.


I suggest using the pictures for your wallpaper on your desktop.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Chalk one up in the WTF Column - The Human Centipede


that's all I can say about this one...


There is no reason for this movie to ever have been made.  I'm guessing it is going straight to DVD.  If you happen to see this and you don't end up being slightly screwed up then you are amazing.

I felt weird after just watching the trailer.  Watch at your own risks

You Are for watching that insane Trailer

Super Awesome NHL Video - Little Joe is the Man

the NHL has had a pretty good commercial campaign this post season, entitled "History Will Be Made"...

Joe Pavelski has been the best Sharks player this post season.  And as such he has gotten himself his own commercial spot.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trailer - Jonah Hex

I never read this graphic novel but the trailer for its movie adaptation looks pretty good.

Take a look.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Lost" Appreciation - this is what a crazy genius' office looks like

Lost was a rerun this week and it made very very sad.

I however came across this absolutely awesome picture of Lost Showrunner's Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  The picture is courtesy of  Wired Magazine ...

(click on the image for super awesome HUGE version of picture)

I don't think there is any spoilerific stuff in the background...but knowing these guys they probably have some code system up there that spells everything out.

Regardless, the picture is pretty cool and this just adds more to my excitement for the last few remaining episodes of one of my favorite shows of all time.

Historical Humor - Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam

Last month my wife and I went to a great exhibit at the Los Angeles County Musuem of Modern Art.(LACMA )

The exhibit featured American Art between 1765 - 1915.  Now I know what you're saying Brian, why the hell are you posting about something as classy as Art on this blog of silliness and hockey.  Well I was pleasantly surprised by the exhibit because many of the pieces were hilarious.

Take for example...

Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam (click the image to see the full thing...Trust me it is worth it)

Finished in 1758 this Satirical Gem of pure comedic genius is absolutely crazy.  As you can see there are people having a raucous good time, enjoying large bowl quantities of booze, smoking, and of course puking and passing out.  You might also notice the man in the center of the picture who is not only puking but his butt is on fire.

Needless to say, this piece of art is absolutely amazing and this seems like a party I would have wanted to be at if I was living in the 1700's.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Lost" Appreciation

Lost Fan Posters  Link

This is a great link from a Lost Fan that is making posters for Every Episode of Lost.

If you are a lost fan you should definitely check it out.

Credit for Finding of totally awesome link goes to http://www.slashfilm.com/

Dany Heatley makes a Lousy Pitcher...but he is a great Hockey Player

So having one their Western Conference Quaterfinal Series against the Colorado Avalanche, some of the San Jose Sharks players got a little R&R at Pac Bell Park to watch the Giants play the Phillies.

The crowd in attendance got to watch Dany Heatley (Sharpshooter) of the Sharks throw out the first pitch. Needless to say it did not go well.  To make matters worse, the 17 year old girl next to him throw the ball just fine.

Let this just serve as good evidence of why Heatley picked the right sport to go professional in.

See some of the Sharks other examples of lousy alternative occupations.

Joe Pavelski is a lousy Detective

Dan Boyle is a lousy Weatherman

Ryan Clowe is a lousy Waiter

Joe Thornton is a lousy Ventriloquist

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craig Anderson's Weakness - Ice Girls

Craig Anderson has been the only thing holding the Colorado Avalanche in the series against the Sharks.  Anderson has been a brick wall of almost perfection against my Tiburons.  That being said it appears that he may have a weakness that the Sharks are yet to exploit.

The last image is during the middle of OT during a questionable stoppage of play that allowed the Avs to have an extra break after Icing the Puck.  Needless to say 23 seconds after the Ice crew came out and this picture was taken Joe Pavelski put the puck past Anderson.

I'm not saying the Sharks need to get hot Ice Girls but I don't think it would hurt us...

Good luck in the game tonight Sharks.

*Credit for the Pictures and Idea for Blog goes to Puck Daddy @ Yahoo.com

Watch the Preview cut by CSN CA promoting the Sharks vs. Avs in Game 5...

Moments of Greatness - Player Re-Enacts a Great Scene from Major League 2 in an actual game

Well the Title of this posting pretty much sums up what you are about to see...

I don't know what the player's name is but he was channelling his inner Willie Mays Hayes (Omar Epps version) from Major League 2 and he decided to fly over the Catcher to land safely at home plate.

I will try and find a clip from Major League 2 comparing the two...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why you shouldn't get Drunk at a Concert in the Desert...

The Following is an example of why you shouldn't get Drunk at a Concert in the Desert...

I've never been to Coachella, I can imagine from stories, that it is a ton of fun and there is a lot of great music....

If I had this hard of a time putting on my flip flops drunk though I think I would just pass out where I was and hope to wake up alive at a later time with all of my organs.

I hope this guy made it home after a weekend of alcohol poisoning and awesome music.  He will forever live on the internet as an example of how a drunk person looks at a concert in the desert.

Chalk one up in the WTF Column - Baby vs. Cobra

WTF ..

I don't know how this situation even happened but it definitely needs to go in the WTF column.

This kid looks like they are playing a game of chicken with a Cobra...That has to be one of the dumbest things ever...

The best part of it all...you can hear people laughing sporadically in the background.  I'm not a Parent yet but I'm pretty sure I would never allow my toddler to do this.


If anyone can explain this to me I would be very surprised.

You Make the Caption - Dan Boyle in the Sharks vs. Avs

I'm starting another new series on my blog....

You make the Caption...

The way it works is pretty simple.  I provide a picture you provide the caption.

The first installment of this series is of Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks...

Please leave your Captions in the comment section....

How 4 Chords add up to Pop Hit Success.

Great Concert Clip from Axis of Awesome...

If you are musically creative you may find this interesting/ very true...

It seems that you must only use 4 Chords to have a Pop Hit...

Game 4 aka Bowling with Doug Murray and Joe Pavelski

Game 4 of the Western Conference Quaterfinals was a pivotal game for the San Jose Sharks.

Many writers, bloggers, and fans wrote the Sharks off after their Game 3 loss and chalked it up to the Sharks choking again.

What happened  in Game 4, Dan Boyle redeemed himself by scoring the First Power Play goal for the Sharks in a great while.

In general, the Sharks played a solid game.  There were the usual defensive breakdowns and inability to set up the offensive zone effectively.  But the Sharks stuck to their game plan and the system that won them the 1st in the West.

As the previous 3 games have gone... Game 4 went to OT which brings us to the title of this posting.

Sharks' Defenseman Douglas "Crankshaft" Murray hasn't had the best playoffs so far.  Game 1 - 3 Murray has been a Minus 2 with no points.

In Game 4's OT, Crankshaft decided to change that.  Bringing the puck into the Offensive Zone, Murray tried to dump it deep only to be met by 3 Avs players.  So what did he do, he single handedly took them all out.  The puck landed perfectly on Joe Pavelski's stick and he sent it straight into the back of the Net.

My initial reaction of seeing this was total and utter amazement.  I'm pretty sure I scarred the crap out of my Wife and friend Elysia when I yelled with great glee and excitement over seeing the puck in the back of the net.

One thing  that still needs to be worked on for the Sharks is the scoring by the Top Line.  The normal Sharks feeling of being able to score at will by our Best Snipers is no longer feeling possible.  I don't know what it is going to take for Heatley, Marleau and Thornton to wake up...

But, I hope it happens soon, preferably in Game 5 on Thursday.

That's all for now...

Keep you Head Up

Sharks Fans... We are in a best of 3 Series now.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Are you Feeling Down...? This might help you feel better

Are you Feeling Down?

Did your favorite sports team totally dominate a game just to score an own goal 51 seconds into overtime...?

Did someone cut you off on the freeway and then slammed on their breaks because they thought you were too close to them?

Did something horrible happen to you and you have no one to talk to about it?

Well you should watch this video, it'll make you feel better in no time...

Kick-Ass, Waffles, and Hockey...Oh My... aka what I did over the weekend

If you have the chance you should all definitely go see Kick Ass.  I saw this great film at the Cinerama Dome and it was amazing.  I would argue that Kick Ass is one of the best super hero movies ever forged.

This film is definitely worth the price of admission.


they are probably the perfect breakfast food.  How to make a waffle better use waffles instead of bread for a breakfast sandwich.  If you want a great Waffle Sandwich go to the Waffle on Sunset...  Order the Double Wide it is amazing.  Below is the link for the site.

The Waffle

This weekend was a great for Hockey.  Let me start with the Sharks and their quest for the cup.  On Friday the Sharks had a must win Game 2 and it was one of the craziest Sharks Games I've seen in a good while.  The Sharks had to come from behind 5 different times and then won in OT off of an amazing play by Devin Setoguchi.

Sunday, I had my second game with the Isotopes in Pasadena.  When we were warming up for the game I was very worried.  Our team is suppose to have 11 to 13 players.  5 minutes before the game we had 6 people.  At the drop of the puck we had 8.

The other team, they had 13.  So to say we were outnumbered was a bit of an understatement.  To make matters even better 5 minutes into the 1st period one of our defenders cut his face open on the ice and had to leave to get stitches.

Despite all of these potential problems we absolutely dominated the other team.  We skated faster then them, we controlled the puck longer and better then them, and it showed on the scoreboard.  We ended up winning the game 4-2.  It was a great game for our team especially after we lost our first game.

That brings us to Sunday night and Game 3 of the Sharks vs the Avs...

The Sharks were absolutely destroying the Avs the entire game.  If it wasn't for Craig Anderson the Sharks would have won the game.  But Anderson was playing like a brick wall stopping all 50 of the Sharks shots.  The game ended very bizarrely in OT when our best Defenseman Dan Boyle went for a routine backhand pass behind the net and sent the puck right past Nabakov.

The Sharks have to win the game on Tuesday to tie up the series 2-2.  If the Sharks bring the same level of play they did on Sunday then they should have no problem in accomplishing this.  The Sharks were dominating the Avs all game and their game plan was working to a T...

The only part of the Sharks game that really needs an improvement is the power play.  The Sharks didn't take advantage on the power play at all during the game.  If the Sharks are going to win this series they are going to need to do better on the power play.

There is plenty of hockey still to be played and I am still optimistic that the Sharks are going to come out on top.

That's all for now...

As always...

Keep your head up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome Cat Video

Since becoming a cat owner I have found great humor from my cats doing ridiculous stuff.

Whether it be scarring each other, fighting down a flight of stairs, or just being crazy...

watching Cats can be pretty awesome.

Below is a great clip of a Cat's first experience with an iPad.

Game 1 - Thoughts

So I've had about 12 hours to sleep on what the hell happened last night at the Shark Tank.

And the biggest thing I can come up with is the ability to change ones game plan.

The Sharks only had 3 shots on net during the 2nd period of play.  For a Team that is built to be an offensive power house, the strategy  last night simply didn't work.

Nabokov had an okay game.  The first goal allowed is one I believe who could have stopped, but he was screened so making the stop would have be difficult but in the playoffs to win  you have to make those difficult stops to keep your team in the game.  The second goal wasn't Nabby's fault... It was Rob Blake's and his inability to pressure the Avs players in his own zone.

As far as the rest of the team  if Ryan Clowe and Devin Setoguchi weren't on the ice, it would have looked like a bunch of teal sweaters coasting around the ice.

For Game 2 the Sharks must be able to adapt to what the Avs throw at the them and respond in an  effective  way.  Whether that means changing our offensive scheme or changing line combinations.  The effort and the heart needs to be increased.

This might be premature to say but...

Game 2 is a must win for the Sharks.  If the Avs go back home winning both games then they can play .500 hockey the rest of the way and still win...

Here's hoping McLellan can get some better effort out of the Sharks on Friday.

I will be watching that game as well and hopefully I will be writing a more positive post after the game.

As always...

Keep your head up...

(I know I'm trying too)