Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hockey Preview - Sharks vs Blackhawks

So this time last year I was driving north to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  I was happy to be going back to the Bay Area but I was unhappy because I wasn't watching the Sharks play the Blackhawks.  Well, some may argue it was good that I didn't watch the game because the Blackhawks destroyed the Sharks to a final score of 7 - 2.

Needless to say, it is Turkey time again, once again I am driving North, and once again the Sharks are playing the Blackhawks.  If history repeats itself I am not going to be very thankful this evening.

The Sharks have been plagued by inconsistency all season, and it seems the only time we can truly win is if we score at least 5 goals.  The game tonight is going to be tough but like our last game against the Kings it is going to serve as a test for how the Sharks compare to a strong team in the Western Conference.

All I am going to ask for is a good game from the Sharks with a strong 60 minutes of hockey.  If they can play to their skill set we should get the 2 points and hopefully renewed confidence.

So to all you readers out there, may we all give thanks their is Hockey today, and pray that our Tiburones from silicon valley can beat down those dark birds from the windy city.

 Remember keep your head up,

and if you are traveling may you travel safe.

Cool Stuff of the Day - It's the Frakkin' Muppets

As many of you know I am a fan of funny/ creative/ unique T-shirts.  I have a few sites that steadily provide a number of very cool shirts to buy.

Today on Tee Fury, they have combined two of the greatest things ever...

Battlestar Galatica and the Muppets.

For a whopping $9 + shipping you can have this awesome shirt.  Keep in mind this deal is only good for today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Netflix finally offering Instant Watch only plan

Well it makes sense that a company that has "net" in the title would finally begin to offer a "internet streaming" only plan.  This new announcement is a great thing moving foward for digital media and the masses ability to watch TV shows and movie over the internet or on their digital player.

The "Instant Watch only" plan is at a low price of $7.99 which is at the same price point as Hulu plus.  If there was ever a reason to cut the cable cord and go purely through the internet now is the time.  Hulu plus has all of the most recent shows the day after they premiere on TV and Netflix has the movies and some TV shows.

The downside of cutting the cord now unfortunately is there really isn't a viable Sports viewing service that covers all live sports.  ESPN3 is good but it only covers sports that ESPN covers plus whether you are eligible to watch or use the service is predicated on your internet provider.  I have Uverse so it works for me, but those with Time Warner have problems viewing ESPN3.  And in some instances you have to have actual Television service and internet service to use ESPN3 which somewhat defeats the purpose of using ESPN3 in the first place.

Getting back to the point of this blog post...

Netflix is now offering Instant Watch only plan; this is big news and hopefully is the first step in the much bigger plan of having a primary digital watching service that no longer relies on mail but on the Net.

Below is the announcement from Netflix about the addition of this new plan.

You'll also note that all other plans are featuring an increase in price.  It is my guess that Netflix has two plans in doing this.

1.) Since most members of the netflix community still watch DVDs they need additional capital to allow for further growth in the instant watch market while still allowing their great mail service.

2.) They are hoping members start to drop the DVD plans and switch digitally thus saving money on shipping facilities, employees, and mailing fees allowing more capital to be re-allocated to streaming.

Do you see the pattern and where Netflix is headed?  I don't know about all of you but I am excited.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad Movie Night - Help me Pick a bad movie

I attend a semi weekly Bad Movie Night with some of my co-workers.  We eat pizza, drink beer, and watch "Bad" movies.  The movies we typically watch are so bad they are good.  

Each time we get together a new person gets to pick a bad movie.  My first pick was suggested to me buy my wife, it was a cinematic classic known as Chopping Mall.

I have a while before I get to pick again but I am taking any suggestions.  If you know of any bad movies that we must watch please let me know.  My pick for now is the Sly Stallone classic "Judge Dredd".

The following are other picks that have been made thus far:

Black Dynamite

Deathstalker II

88 Minutes

Chopping Mall

Garbage Pail Kids

The Room

The Wraith

Best of the Best 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Preview

So tonight I'm going to be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the 2nd to last HP movie.  As a series of movies, each Harry Potter film has built on its' predecessor and each film has gotten better as the series has progressed.

The lady and I started a HP marathon last Sunday, going back and watching all 6 movies before the premiere tonight.  Sunday, we watched HP1 &2; Monday, HP 3; Tuesday, HP4; Thursday HP5; and Today we are watching HP6 right before leaving to see what I am thinking is going to be the best Harry Potter film to date.

Deathly Hallows has a scope that dwarfs everything we have seen so far.  No longer confined at Hogwarts Harry and his band of wizarding friends take off on a journey looking for the horcruxes Tom Riddle has spread across the world.

Being that this is only going to be Part 1 of book seven; it is going to be very interesting to see how this film will end.  I expect a cliffhanger of sorts, similar to a season finale for a great TV show.  There will be enough action in this movie but it all is for the setup/ payoff of the final ultimate battle in Part 2.

I will be writing a review, hopefully Spoiler free, sometime this weekend letting everyone know what I thought of the penultimate movie in this great series.

Incase you haven't seen it, below is the trailer for Part 1.

Click Fullscreen to watch in wonderful HD

"Your Highness" is going to be the most amazing movie of 2011

It is very rare that I say a movie is going to be the best thing ever just from watching the trailer.

"Your Highness" is one of those movies and it is going to be awesome.  This movie has everything: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Tension, Epic Music, Drugs, Sex, and Natalie Portman taking her clothes off.

I submit to you my most anticipated movie of 2011, "Your Highness"

* Please be aware if you are a child or sensitive to adult language you shouldn't watch the red band trailer below.


(click on full screen to see the trailer in full HD awesomeness)