Friday, September 10, 2010

The NHL has no idea how to market their products or Brand

As many of you all know I love hockey.

I know that Hockey is not for everyone but  it seems like the NHL is trying to reinforce that fact with a recent crop up of horrible conceived Team Merchandise that can only described as douchetastic.

(Images are of Sharks merchandise- Items can be purchased with other teams as well)

Evidence # 1:  NHL Fan Ink sleeve

This piece of wonderment let's any Hockey fan know not only the team you love but you are dumb enough to get a sleeve of ink to show your love for said team.    But what makes it that much better is it has all the charm of a real tattoo without any of the time constraints of being permanent.  So if the season starts and you are super optimistic at the chances of your team to win the cup you can put it on and as soon as your fair-weather feelings go away you can take it off.

I am not against Sports teams tattoos I just think a real fan would never wear this.  They would get an actual tattoo and then laugh at the idiots who put this on and think it looks cool.

Evidence #2:

Behold the Champagne Women's Jersey.  Notice the rhinestones and glitter that adorn this ultimate piece of female expression.  I don't have very many female readers but if any of you think this looks nice or that you would actually wear it in public please let me know.  Cause I just don't get it.

The only explanation for either one of these terrible products is the NHL desperately trying to reach out to mainstream america anyway possible.  I would be surprised if either one of these items sells well at all and if I go to a hockey game and see either one of these...I am going to  cry for those people, especially if they are Sharks fans.

Let me know if you've seen other bad sports clothing/ accessories you can buy.  I think these two take the cake though.

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  1. I hate those ink sleeves... They have them for MLB also, and they are the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.