Friday, November 19, 2010

"Your Highness" is going to be the most amazing movie of 2011

It is very rare that I say a movie is going to be the best thing ever just from watching the trailer.

"Your Highness" is one of those movies and it is going to be awesome.  This movie has everything: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Tension, Epic Music, Drugs, Sex, and Natalie Portman taking her clothes off.

I submit to you my most anticipated movie of 2011, "Your Highness"

* Please be aware if you are a child or sensitive to adult language you shouldn't watch the red band trailer below.


(click on full screen to see the trailer in full HD awesomeness)


  1. i agree - there is no way that this will not be epic
    do you know when it's coming out?
    - bethany