Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hockey Appreciation- 77,823 fans couldn't be wrong

As many of you know I love hockey.  As far as I am concerned anything that helps the sport of Hockey grow or spread is good.

the IIHF World Championships started up recently...

During one of the preliminary games this picture was taken.

(click on image to make slightly embiggened)

What you are looking at is 77,823 screaming hockey fans enjoying a game in Germany.  To give you an idea of exactly how many people that is when compared to the NHL...It would be like comparing a track meet at your high school to the olympics.

The Chicago Blackhawks, on average have 21,356 in attendance for a home game.

My San Jose Sharks, on average have 17,558 in attendance for a home game.

(all stats courtesy of espn.com )

So this crazy behemoth arena in Germany can fit more then 3 times the number of people then the largest NHL arena.

I know that there are very few NHL teams that would be able to sell out a venue that was this size but it would be pretty amazing to be in there with everyone yelling for the home team.

Another pretty cool thing would be to potentially play the Stanley Cup Finals in a venue like this...it would negate home ice advantage but it would still be insane

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