Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Observations #002: Don't Do Drugs... or you will end up like this

We all learn as kids that to do drugs is bad.  It is very rare  to see such a great example of this old adage.

Let me present my perfect example of why drugs are bad and why you shouldn't use them.

Lindsey Lohan, a young ginger with origins as a Disney Star.  She had her big break in the Parent Trap where she played twins, something coincidentally she would repeat later in her career.  

For the sake of brevity, Lindsey's career seemed to reach its' peak after Mean Girls came out.  Mean Girls was a hit movie that gave us a brief glimpse at some realistic superstardom in her future.

Unfortunately for Lindsey's career superstardom never happened.  What did happen was massive amounts of drugs, alcohol, and arrests.  

Please admire this visage:

I don't know what made Lindsey take such a drastic turn...but one thing is for sure, Lindsey has officially passed Amy Winehouse on the deathwatch.  When I say deathwatch I mean a few things...

1.) She is going to actually Die
2.) Her career is dead
3.) Her credit and wealth are also dead.

With that all being saying...

Don't Do Drugs...  or you might end up like this.

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  1. Love the bottom poster! Such a comparison! And such a true-to-life example.