Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hockey Preview - Sharks vs Blackhawks

So this time last year I was driving north to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  I was happy to be going back to the Bay Area but I was unhappy because I wasn't watching the Sharks play the Blackhawks.  Well, some may argue it was good that I didn't watch the game because the Blackhawks destroyed the Sharks to a final score of 7 - 2.

Needless to say, it is Turkey time again, once again I am driving North, and once again the Sharks are playing the Blackhawks.  If history repeats itself I am not going to be very thankful this evening.

The Sharks have been plagued by inconsistency all season, and it seems the only time we can truly win is if we score at least 5 goals.  The game tonight is going to be tough but like our last game against the Kings it is going to serve as a test for how the Sharks compare to a strong team in the Western Conference.

All I am going to ask for is a good game from the Sharks with a strong 60 minutes of hockey.  If they can play to their skill set we should get the 2 points and hopefully renewed confidence.

So to all you readers out there, may we all give thanks their is Hockey today, and pray that our Tiburones from silicon valley can beat down those dark birds from the windy city.

 Remember keep your head up,

and if you are traveling may you travel safe.

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