Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad Movie Night - Help me Pick a bad movie

I attend a semi weekly Bad Movie Night with some of my co-workers.  We eat pizza, drink beer, and watch "Bad" movies.  The movies we typically watch are so bad they are good.  

Each time we get together a new person gets to pick a bad movie.  My first pick was suggested to me buy my wife, it was a cinematic classic known as Chopping Mall.

I have a while before I get to pick again but I am taking any suggestions.  If you know of any bad movies that we must watch please let me know.  My pick for now is the Sly Stallone classic "Judge Dredd".

The following are other picks that have been made thus far:

Black Dynamite

Deathstalker II

88 Minutes

Chopping Mall

Garbage Pail Kids

The Room

The Wraith

Best of the Best 2

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