Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Rise, Fall, and Return of Jonathan Cheechoo

Growing up I was like most kids I liked sports but my interest would constantly be changing.  As most of you know my favorite sports team is the San Jose Sharks.  When I was a younger I would love watching the Sharks but I didn't really know any of the players names or what hockey really was.  To me it was just something fun to watch and it was special but I wasn't a real "fan" yet.

My fandom for the Sharks didn't truly form until Jonathan Cheechoo arrived and changed everything. Cheechoo was one of the first pure goal scorers the Sharks had ever had and he played with an exuberance and excitement that made the game better to watch as well as to cheer for.  Cheechoo was fan favorite and would probably be on my favorite all time list of Sharks players.

The videos below give a glimpse into what Jonathan has been up to since his Rocket Richard trophy winning season.  I know that it is unlikely to happen but seen Cheechoo back with San Jose would be great.

Cheech we hope to see you soon.

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