Friday, April 9, 2010

Brian and Bryan play Hockey Season 2

Hey everybody,

So my friend Bryan and I are going to be starting up our second season of playing Hockey together.

This Season we are playing in Pasadena @ the Pasadena Skating Center.

The address is:

310 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

The parking around this part of Pasadena is expensive. A good option is parking at the Paseo Colorado, buying a drink or some food and getting your parking validated.

Bryan and I are going to be playing on "the Isotopes". We had no control over the team name. I would think any other team name would be better then "Isotopes". There are two "viewing" areas for spectators. A small bleacher at ice level and then there is a balcony that I think you watch the games from as well. The rink isn't anywhere close to as nice as Anaheim Ice but it's still a Hockey Rink so it should be fun.

Anyways, all of the games are going to be played on Sundays over the next few months. You can find the schedule below.

Any questions let me know.

Sun, 04/11/10 03:45 PM Isotopes @ Marauders

Sun, 04/18/10 03:45 PM Puckalolos @ Isotopes

Sun, 05/02/10 05:00 PM Under Dogs @ Isotopes

Sun, 05/09/10 03:45 PM Isotopes @ Under Dogs

Sun, 05/16/10 05:00 PM Marauders @ Isotopes

Sun, 05/23/10 05:00 PM Isotopes @ Puckalolos

Sun, 06/06/10 03:45 PM Isotopes @ Marauders

Sun, 06/13/10 05:00 PM Under Dogs @ Isotopes

Sun, 06/20/10 05:00 PM Isotopes @ Puckalolos

Sun, 06/27/10 05:00 PM Marauders @ Isotopes

Hope to see you out there.


If anyone is interested in going to the games but doesn't want to pay for parking...Driving to Jenn's and My Apartment and driving as few of cars to the rink is a possibility. I want you guys to come to my games but I don't want it to be expensive to do it.

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