Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craig Anderson's Weakness - Ice Girls

Craig Anderson has been the only thing holding the Colorado Avalanche in the series against the Sharks.  Anderson has been a brick wall of almost perfection against my Tiburons.  That being said it appears that he may have a weakness that the Sharks are yet to exploit.

The last image is during the middle of OT during a questionable stoppage of play that allowed the Avs to have an extra break after Icing the Puck.  Needless to say 23 seconds after the Ice crew came out and this picture was taken Joe Pavelski put the puck past Anderson.

I'm not saying the Sharks need to get hot Ice Girls but I don't think it would hurt us...

Good luck in the game tonight Sharks.

*Credit for the Pictures and Idea for Blog goes to Puck Daddy @

Watch the Preview cut by CSN CA promoting the Sharks vs. Avs in Game 5...


  1. Do the Sharks not have hot ice girls? I thought that was as common as sliced bread these days... They should definitely make that happen.

  2. They have normal ice girls that wear full body outfits I believe...

    I will search for pictures as evidence and update the blog