Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Historical Humor - Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam

Last month my wife and I went to a great exhibit at the Los Angeles County Musuem of Modern Art.(LACMA )

The exhibit featured American Art between 1765 - 1915.  Now I know what you're saying Brian, why the hell are you posting about something as classy as Art on this blog of silliness and hockey.  Well I was pleasantly surprised by the exhibit because many of the pieces were hilarious.

Take for example...

Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam (click the image to see the full thing...Trust me it is worth it)

Finished in 1758 this Satirical Gem of pure comedic genius is absolutely crazy.  As you can see there are people having a raucous good time, enjoying large bowl quantities of booze, smoking, and of course puking and passing out.  You might also notice the man in the center of the picture who is not only puking but his butt is on fire.

Needless to say, this piece of art is absolutely amazing and this seems like a party I would have wanted to be at if I was living in the 1700's.

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