Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's that Time of the Year again...

So once again that time of they year has arrived.

It is playoff time.

One strongly held tradition during this time of the year is the growing of playoff beards. The growing of beards was started back in the 80's by the then dominate New York Islanders.

The idea behind the tradition is each member of your team grows a beard that starts with the first day of the playoffs and the beard is to not be shaven off until the team wins the Stanley Cup or is eliminated.

To show my support of my team I will be joining the Tiburons from San Jose in growing a beard.

While many of you know that I already have a beard...this tradition(at least for me) requires some sacrifice. I am going to completely shave my beard off in the next few days. And let the hair grow hopefully well until June.

I encourage all male Hockey Fans out there to join me in this showing of support for your favorite team.

I'm going to be posting Pictures periodically of what my playoff beard looks like.

We still don't know who the Sharks are playing in the First round but I'm hoping for a Detroit Win tomorrow. That is the only time you will ever hear me rooting for Detroit.

That's all for now...

Here is something to get you all excited for seeing someone raise Lord Stanley's Cup

Remember keep your head up...

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