Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game 4 aka Bowling with Doug Murray and Joe Pavelski

Game 4 of the Western Conference Quaterfinals was a pivotal game for the San Jose Sharks.

Many writers, bloggers, and fans wrote the Sharks off after their Game 3 loss and chalked it up to the Sharks choking again.

What happened  in Game 4, Dan Boyle redeemed himself by scoring the First Power Play goal for the Sharks in a great while.

In general, the Sharks played a solid game.  There were the usual defensive breakdowns and inability to set up the offensive zone effectively.  But the Sharks stuck to their game plan and the system that won them the 1st in the West.

As the previous 3 games have gone... Game 4 went to OT which brings us to the title of this posting.

Sharks' Defenseman Douglas "Crankshaft" Murray hasn't had the best playoffs so far.  Game 1 - 3 Murray has been a Minus 2 with no points.

In Game 4's OT, Crankshaft decided to change that.  Bringing the puck into the Offensive Zone, Murray tried to dump it deep only to be met by 3 Avs players.  So what did he do, he single handedly took them all out.  The puck landed perfectly on Joe Pavelski's stick and he sent it straight into the back of the Net.

My initial reaction of seeing this was total and utter amazement.  I'm pretty sure I scarred the crap out of my Wife and friend Elysia when I yelled with great glee and excitement over seeing the puck in the back of the net.

One thing  that still needs to be worked on for the Sharks is the scoring by the Top Line.  The normal Sharks feeling of being able to score at will by our Best Snipers is no longer feeling possible.  I don't know what it is going to take for Heatley, Marleau and Thornton to wake up...

But, I hope it happens soon, preferably in Game 5 on Thursday.

That's all for now...

Keep you Head Up

Sharks Fans... We are in a best of 3 Series now.

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