Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dany Heatley makes a Lousy Pitcher...but he is a great Hockey Player

So having one their Western Conference Quaterfinal Series against the Colorado Avalanche, some of the San Jose Sharks players got a little R&R at Pac Bell Park to watch the Giants play the Phillies.

The crowd in attendance got to watch Dany Heatley (Sharpshooter) of the Sharks throw out the first pitch. Needless to say it did not go well.  To make matters worse, the 17 year old girl next to him throw the ball just fine.

Let this just serve as good evidence of why Heatley picked the right sport to go professional in.

See some of the Sharks other examples of lousy alternative occupations.

Joe Pavelski is a lousy Detective

Dan Boyle is a lousy Weatherman

Ryan Clowe is a lousy Waiter

Joe Thornton is a lousy Ventriloquist

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  1. You forgot Todd McLellan is a lousy marriage counselor and I couldn't find it (it was in an old Shark Byte) but Cheech threw out the first pitch at an A's game in 2006 (if I recall correctly he used his stick to essentially fire a wrist shot).