Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is how you win a Hockey Fight

Hockey fighting is often looked at in a negative light.  I am of the school of thought that Fighting has its purpose in the game.  If you give a dirty hit to one of the other team's star players you can expect some repercussions for your actions.  Also, if you continually antagonize a player don't be surprised if he drops the gloves and comes at you.

The following is an example of the later...

Evander Kane of the Atlanta Thrashers should consider signing up for MMA training after this monster 1 punch KO on Penguins antagonizer Matt Cooke.

The best part of all of this is Kane is a forward who isn't suppose to be fighting.  This is an example of when it is better to just do the job yourself.

As always....

Keep your head up there


  1. The other lesson here (though it doesn't come out of this incident) is not to go after a team in the last game of the season that isn't going to the play-offs (especially when you are). If Cookie's got a concussion he may not play for a month. How far do you think Pittsburgh can get without their grittiest player?

  2. Very valid point Alex...

    I don't like the Penguins chances without Cooke.

    If he does end up being concussed and he missed the first round he better hope he can join the team in the second round otherwise he might be feeling really stupid.

    (and not just cause he got knocked out in 1 punch)