Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Observation #1 - Driving, Left Turns, and Idiots

I work in a "beautiful" town, said town is full of many of things most succesful towns have. One of these things is something I have to face almost everyday of my work week.

What is this "thing" I am referring to?


It is a crosswalk. Now I know what you're saying lots of towns have crosswalks Brian what is different about this one.

And to that I say this...

This crosswalk is like any other crosswalk in the world. It seems to have the magic powers of bringing together every bad driver in the San Fernando Valley to said crosswalk at the exact moment I attempt to cross through it.

And how are these people bad drivers, well...

When you are wearing a Giant Hockey Sweater that is TEAL I seem to become a Target for the idiot bad drivers instead of an obstacle that should be allowed to pass before they proceed themselves.

Now I can understand looking to your left as you make a right turn and you turn your eyes towards the direction you are turning in mid turn. However, when turning left you are looking the entire time the direction you are turning into. There should be no reason to look right.

While I don't think this rant will ever get across the fear one has of crossing this intersection but I hope it at least makes some aware.

If you are crossing the street look out for idiots making left turns who don't like to look in the direction they are turning.

On a side note...

One other magical power this intersection has is the the gathering of Prostitutes. So if you are driving through the Valley and see a circle of women who can only be described as "Working Girl" looking then you are probably very close to my work.

As always...

Keep Your Head Up

especially when you're crossing the street.

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