Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight is the Night...

Who will raise the cup

I've eagerly waited for this night for a little under a year.

Many sleepless nights of what could have been or  in my view what should have been.

Tonight the Sharks from San Jose begin another trek to the mountain top that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  I'm not going to make any predictions, it is obvious what I would like to happen, but even though I sometimes think otherwise...

What is going to be happening on the ice over the next few weeks is completely outside of my control.  My only wish this year during the playoffs is that the Sharks play up to their skill level.  If they can do that any/ all outcomes will be a little bit "easier" to swallow.

With that all being said...

I'm going to be watching the game tonight with much anticipation and exuberance.

To all the Sharks fans out there...

Godspeed on your journey, I hope to see on the Mountain top.

As always,
Keep Your Head Up

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